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                                                                                 Meridian Films   
                                       “covering the globe at 24 frames per second” 


A newly formed production company dedicated to produce independent feature films and television projects for theatrical release in the domestic and international marketplace. Its primary aim is to produce and promote quality commercial projects and discover exciting new talent along the way, building on existing infrastructures. The 'target audience' these days is global. There are a number of projects in progress.

Filmmaking is a collaborative process. Meridian Films invites financial and coproduction partners in moving projects onto the screen and will assist in bringing your projects here. 
For more information contact: info@meridianfilms.ca

Company principal Jon Jarema works in the Vancouver film industry, is a WGC member, IATSE member and registered with CAVCO for tax credit certification. He is a graduate of Carleton University in Ottawa.

Meridian Films does not accept scripts or consider creative ideas or material in any format whatsoever unless requested.


The Exchequer's Mistress

Payback for the Opium Wars... the fall of a Queen. With Chinese government approval, a criminal organization secretly places a seductress in British high society to bring down the entire country financially.

Bones Of Flesh

…even the Vatican has secrets. In the near future, Islamic militants plot to overthrow the Vatican with inside help in a supreme attempt to subvert Christianity offering 2000 year old ‘living proof.’ The source of it all - The Shroud of Turin: a scientific breakthrough by the kidnapped daughter of the 'newly installed Pope.'
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         music with kind permission by Mario Berlinguer - Composer

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